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Norwegian Forest Cats

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Mysterious Coin-Covered Wishing Trees

The strange phenomenon of gnarled old trees with coins embedded all over their bark has been spotted from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands in the United Kingdom. One of the larger collections can be seen in the picturesque village of Portmeirion in Wales where there are seven felled tree trunks with coins pushed into them.

The coins are usually knocked into the tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hope it will bring them good fortune. These fascinating spectacles often have coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark, warped from the passage of time.

The tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years and is similar to the concept of a “wishing well”, where one tosses a coin in for good luck. The “wishing trees” date back to the early 1700s in Scotland where ill people stuck florins into trees with the idea that the trees would take any any illness. However if someone were to take away any of the coins, legend states that they will become ill instead.

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It’s interesting to see that people had so much clutter even thousands of years ago. The only way to get rid of it all was to bury it, and then some archaeologist went and dug it all up.
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shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!

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Today is brought to you by the letter R. 

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Had a 24 hour stopover in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I visited the Pashupatinath Hindu Temple. The temple is popular with tourists, and the resident priests have become experts at ‘casually’ positioning themselves in oh-so-photographical arrangements. They then collect donations in exchange for ‘authentic’ photographs. Motives aside, they do a beautiful job, and the scenes they create seem worthy of a Hollywood art director. 

(Kathmandu, Nepal)

Young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism.

Mary Pipher, Reviving Ophelia (via ohdreaming)

Important addendum: to also know what rape is. Too many of them understand “rape is bad” but see it in a disconnected, “stranger jumping from bushes” sort of way instead of the “close friend who oversteps boundaries because of entitlement issues”. That last bit? That, and everything that goes into it, needs to be defined as being unthinkable.

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Wavy Seals.

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